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Hero Guide

Headquarters is the center of your base. It reflects your standing on the world phase.

By clicking the comments button, you can check out the comments left on your account by various other gamers. By pressing the hero switch, you can check out your hero.

Farms produce food for the base as well as enhance the storage capacity of food. Construct as well as upgrade ranches to create and keep more food. When the food supply gets to the capacity restriction, the ranches will certainly stop manufacturing up until you invest the food or increase the ability. The embassy can be positioned reinforcements from the allies. Improving it, you boost the maximum variety of reinforcements.

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When the rock supply reaches the capacity limitation, the quarries will stop mining up until you utilize the stone or raise the ability. Select a target on the map of the region.


Touch Head office to check out a basic recap of the base economy. By enhancing headquarters, you obtain incentives and open new possibilities for building on the base. In the armory, you can make innovative items for the hero. By boosting tools, you can reduce the expense of production tools. Use the workbench in the armory to make devices.

Touch a material to position it on a workbench. Combat Fight tree study allows you to carry out reconnaissance, accelerate the training of soldiers, provide perks to assault, defense and health and wellness, in addition to open brand-new courses of soldiers. You can see the profiles of various other gamers by clicking the characters of profiles in conversation, remarks and also fight reports. So you most likely to their public accounts. Each gamer has a public and exclusive profile.


The embassy can not accommodate more troops than the optimum number. The soldiers sent as reinforcements spend for their very own upkeep. With each enhancement of the consular office, the maximum variety of supports rises.

  • Your stuck troops need to show up where they should be.
  • How to obtain loot from the Syndicate soldiers?
  • Touch a boxer to see possible incentives.
  • Shut the force application and also open it once more.
  • When assaulting a Fight Fighter, you might obtain numerous things.

The mines create metal for your base and raise the capability of the steel in the storehouses. Develop and also update mines to generate and keep even more metal. When the metal supply reaches the capability limit, the mines will cease manufacturing up until you use metal or rise ability.

In the quarries extracted stone for the base. They also boost the storage space capacity of the stone. Build and also upgrade quarries to mine and also shop more rock.